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VPS PAYMENT APIs: It’s easy to connect!

Accepting payments through your government or school website has never been easier with Value Payment Systems’ two powerful and simple-to-use payment APIs.

APIs (application program interfaces) enable entities like yours to use cloud services to enhance your users’ experience and, frankly, make your life easier. There are countless APIs available in the fintech marketplace, but only VPS offers the most robust payment APIs to meet your specific needs.

Our Payment APIs allow clients, partners, and other merchants the ability to integrate with the VPS convenience fee-based or merchant-funded card payment service. These APIs provide your entity with the ability to process credit/debit/e-check payments and receive real-time payment confirmations/rejections from VPS.

API integration is easy! If you choose to connect via our Checkout API, there is no PCI requirement for your entity. Simple set up an account with VPS and redirect all payers from your site to the VPS-hosted payment process to complete transactions. It’s that simple.

If you need a more customized payment process and your entity is PCI-compliant, you may select our Gateway API. Although this requires more programming-savvy, it’s still quite simple to execute.

As with all of our products, our secure APIs come with split-settlement, real-time reporting, superior service and support, and a variety of payment methods (including digital wallets—MasterPass, Visa Checkout, AMEX Express Checkout, and in Q1 2017, PayPal).

For more information about these API options, please contact one of our sales representatives at