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PARTNER PROFILE: Data Design, Inc.

Newest Government Epayment Partner Covers Kentucky

Data Design Inc. (Richmond, KY), Value Payment Systems’ newest e-payments partner in the government space, has offered comprehensive software services to public agencies in Kentucky (plus system hardware, networking, and database development) since 1978.

Property tax collections in Kentucky is handled by the various county Sherri ’s offices, both on-site and (now) online. “We have a presence in 90 of the 120 Sheriff’s offices in the state,” says Data Design’s president, Richard Bendure. “Just about half of those have installed our collections software, TaxMaster and”

“Every spring, we send out our Budget Planning Guide to each o ice. It’s a check list of what services they might be interested in,” says Bendure. “We’re in touch with our clients pretty much on a daily basis, so it’s easy for us to track their responses. If we don’t hear back, we give them a call.”

Before contracting with VPS in August of this year, Data Design worked with another epayment vendor. That program offering established a precedent for debit and credit card acceptance for tax payments. “There was a fairly strong interest level from the individual offices for epayments services, and as expressed by the Sheriff’s Association as well.”

Switching to VPS—whom Data Design felt could provide a more stable service and improved support—proved an easy transition. “We have 8 to 10 clients ready to add epayments to their TaxMaster software on Nov. 1,” says Bendure.

Data Design’s Payment Portal

“The VPS program is completely integrated with TaxMaster. On-site, the taxpayer swipes a card and payment appears in TaxMaster. Credit and debit card payments are processed, and all data is web-ready for viewing on the county web sites.”