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For Robert Vitti, Vice President of BAS, “integration” is a key word.

It takes in what his company does—the integration of software solutions, website design, and IT services—as well as the integration of BAS software solutions with mu- nicipal government databases, processes, and every day workflow. And, the seamless integration of their software applications with the VPS payment gateway.

But integration also describes the BAS focus on the combination of its quality products backed by the company’s reputation for service, something, Mr. Vitti says, his company shares with VPS—both in the way the two interact with their clients, and the way they seemed to have hit it o together right from the start.

“We live it every day,” says Mr. Vitti of the 24-7 support a orded his clients. “We can respond to most any request at the time of the initial call or within 30 minutes or so.” This has earned the trust and loyalty of the company’s clients, he says, and via customer referrals, BAS, has grown steadily.

The long-term partnership between BAS and VPS, says Mr. Vitti, is based on the shared dedication they have to quality and support. “The sta of both our companies work from the same premise, and we recognized this early on in dealing with Scott [Slusser, CMO], Jeff [Gardner, COO], and Stephanie [Greer, Dir of Operations]. They were, and are, very responsive, just like we are—a very good company to do business with and great people as well.”

The VPS payment application—both the POS and online varieties—was something eagerly sought by BAS, something that was needed to close the circle between BAS management software and their clients’ ability to serve their resident customers.


“It started as a valuable add-on,” Mr. Vitti says of the VPS payment application, “with in-office payment leading the way. But it has grown nearly to a must-have now, both POS and the online payment option.” He notes that in the New York market, where BAS has an extremely strong presence, many residents migrate south for the winter, making online payment more than a convenience and one that nearly sells itself. “It’s something residents are asking for each and every day, and our clients want happy constituents.”

Regarding what clients (and residents) want, Mr. Vitti has his ear to the ground. The company attends 20+ conferences a year, and also hosts BAS user group meetings throughout New York State. “Our user group meetings have always been very positive. We encourage client participation during these meetings so customers are not shy about speaking,” he says. “They’re pretty forthright with their ideas and suggestions, so there’s no lack of feedback. We listen, take notes, bring those thoughts back to our main office, work directly with our Development Staff and figure out how and when we can implement these enhancement ideas.”


“We are extremely committed to providing excellent customer service each and every day. Our clients deserve and expect it and our staff really delivers. We are fortunate to be working with exceptional people who care about their jobs and the quality of their work. I couldn’t be prouder of our sta and the customer testimonials in regards to our products and support services.”

One of the things Mr. Vitti’s ear picks up, via his clients, is an increasing demand from residents for mobile payment options (paying via tablet and phone). Online and mobile payment are handled as link-outs from clients’ websites to the BAS portal and VPS gateway. “It’s easy to use,” he says, “a great interface too.”

Allowing residents to do business with government via the internet. This is central to BAS’s mission, and to the partnership between BAS and VPS.