Our Story

Founded in 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee, Value Payment Systems, LLC is a privately held company that provides a safe and easy way for governments (state, local and federal) and educational institutions to make payments through multiple channels (web, mobile, terminals, IVR and live agents) at the lowest cost.

Our Team

Value Payment Systems - Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner

Chief Operating Officer

Value Payment Systems - Scott Slusser

Scott Slusser

Chief Marketing Officer

Value Payment Systems - Jarred Finney

Jarred Finney

VP of Information Technology

Value Payment Systems - Suja Sebastian

Suja Sebastian

Director of Information Technology

Value Payment Systems - Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Director of Marketing

Value Payment Systems - Todd Christensen

Todd Christensen

Director of Channel Management

Value Payment Systems - Rachel Winski

Rachel Winski

HR Manager

Market Segments

A simple and convenient no-cost solution for numerous market segments ranging from all levels of government to property management.

Value Payment Systems - phone with payment details

Market Segments

VPS’ no-cost-to-government payment solutions are used by all levels of government to increase efficiency in revenue collection, exceed constituent expectations, and improve cash flow. Learn More

VPS’ childsupportbillpay.com product is a simple, convenient, low-fee, and secure online solution for accepting child support payments. Learn More

VPS offers K-12 schools and higher education a low-cost way to accept credit and debit card payments on their websites that helps them recover the direct costs charged by credit card companies. Learn More

VPS offers public and private utility companies convenient and money-saving payment solutions that reduce the cost of payment collections and improve the customer experience. Learn More

VPS provides property owners and property management companies with robust, cost-effective payment solutions that billpayers find convenient and attractive. Learn More

As VPS grows, it expands with new services for other market segments. Building on our flexible and scalable platform, VPS currently offers payment solutions for the insurance industry and for non-profit entities.