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Bill Presentment is an important part of managing your revenue cycle. Our lives have gotten busier and we spend a lot of hours away from home. Many transactions happen while on the go. Web payments provide a convenience for your customers to pay online without the worry of late fees, disconnections or other penalties. What do your customers do when they want to know the itemized amount of their bill and your office is closed? Bill Presentment powered by Value Payment Systems (VPS) will allow your customers to view a PDF of their bill, make a payment utilizing our shopping cart feature, and view their payment history from their computer or any web-enabled device.

Also, our sites are device responsive so no matter what device your customers use to access our site, it will present in a format that is simple to use.

Utilizing features available in Bill Presentment, your customers can make their payments at their convenience and view their bill if they are unable to remember the total due details. You can also allow your customers to choose paper-less billing. Bill reduction saves in so many ways. It not only saves on any fees you pay for printing bills, it saves on postage and excess paper in landfills. Customers will be able to print their bills and save them as a PDF if needed. The best part—this is offered at low or no cost to you.

To learn more about how Bill Presentment can save you money and create a frictionless payment process for your customers, please contact us at