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FRICTIONLESS TRANSACTIONS How to Simplify your payments

Value Payment Systems’ (VPS) endless endeavor to find new opportunities to improve and enhance the payer’s experience. Additionally, we also seek ways to make paying faster and frictionless. To do this, VPS seeks out new and innovative technology and establish relationships with those third parties to bring these technologies to our clients and their payers.

One such relationship we have established is with PayPal. With this new partnership, VPS is able to offer PayPal’s One TouchTM as a fast and secure way to make payments. When using PayPal One Touch, the payer has an option within PayPal to opt-in to staying logged-in to their PayPal account, thus skipping the PayPal log-in screen on future purchases and payments when paying with PayPal using the same device and same browser. This increases the speed of transactions tremendously.

Enhancing the transaction process even further, VPS has partnered with Graphic Service Bureau (GSB) in Orangeburg, NY to remove further steps in the payment process. GSB specializes in printing and statement fulfillment. A QR code, a type of two-dimensional barcode, on bills and statements directs the payer to a VPS-hosted payment site for a seamless payment experience. Once there, the payer may select PayPal One Touch or any number of our payment options—including digital wallets, such as MasterPass, Visa Checkout, and Amex Express Checkout.

VPS knows that its efforts to improve and enhance the payment process makes adoption of online payments a much more attractive proposition for new payers. Striving for a frictionless payment process increases transaction volume for our clients.

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