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DIGITAL WALLETS Why are they important?

How bothersome is it to pull out your credit or debit card every time you want to make a purchase on your mobile phone? This is an inconvenience digital wallets have hoped to ease. Digital wallets are at the nexus of the next monumental shift in how consumers want to interact with merchants.

Growth in user adoption of digital wallets is directly related to the rapid increase in mobile purchases. Along with growth in retail purchasing via mobile devices comes the growth in non-retail transactions. In recent years, have you paid rent, tuition, or taxes using your mobile phone? If you haven’t, you will—sooner than you think.

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Another indicator of this growth in digital wallets is the recent release of several digital wallets from all major credit card brands. There’s Visa Checkout, Mastercard’s MasterPassTM, Amex Express Checkout, and PayPal. These apps enable a mobile user to enter their card numbers, regardless of brand, into the wallet. This allows the user to making speedy purchases and payments. Once the card numbers are in their digital wallet, the cards are available for purchases with a limited number of clicks to make the purchase or payment.

Value Payment Systems is one of the first government and education-oriented payment companies to offer Visa Checkout, MasterPass, Amex Express Checkout, and PayPal (individually or as a suite) as ways to pay. We are proud to announce that payers may now pay their income taxes through payUSAtax, using these wallets. We are making these wallet payment options available through countless other clients sites, including cities, counties, schools, and more!

For more information about adding digital wallets as a payment option for government, schools, or other entity, please contact one of our sales representatives at