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Ways to Pay

Value Payment Systems offers numerous payment processing methods customized for our clients’ needs.


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Gateway and Checkout APIs as well as End User Validation and Bill Presentment

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Mobile optimized payment sites that function and look great on all devices

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Integrated and standalone terminals for onsite

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Live Agent assistance over the phone

Payment Methods

Traditional Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • E-Check
  • Digital Wallets
  • Digital Currencies
  • Cash Payments


Payment Application Program Interface (API) allows authorized partners to integrate with the VPS payment service.

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About the

Gateway API

The API provides our Partners with the ability to process credit/debit/e-check payments and receive real-time payment confirmations/ rejections from VPS. We also provide a Reporting Tool with 24/7 access capable of cross-balancing reports and viewing all payment transactions in real-time.

The VPS Payment Gateway API accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (credit and debit cards) and e-checks. The Partner determines what type of payments they would like to offer prior to integration.

VPS processes payments for federal, state and local government entities. We capitalize on years of government payments experience to build and maintain a payment gateway that anticipates tax payments and other government payment types.

Extensive documentation and a demo are provided along with a sandbox environment in which to test API calls and responses.

About the

Checkout API

VPS can provide the back-end bill payment application. The client/ partner provides all of the front-end design and software. VPS will then seamlessly integrate with their software to provide a payment option.

The VPS Hosted Payment Checkout API accepts all traditional payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (credit and debit cards) and e-Checks. Please reference payment methods for a full listing. The Partner/Client determines the type of payments they would like to office prior to integration.

Payers will visit the client/partner site and then are directed to the VPS payment site for the final step in the process, which consists of the biller information, a review page, and a receipt page.

Clients without an existing website can use many of the pre-built payment solutions developed by VPS. VPS can also provide hosting solutions for clients that need a complete website with integrated payment solutions.


Digital Wallets offer mobile users a secure and convenient way to make fast payments on the go.

Many Options

Visa Checkout, Mastercard’s MasterPass™, Amex Express Checkout, Apple Pay, and PayPal enable mobile users to enter their payment info (regardless of brand) into the wallet, allowing the user to make fast purchases and payments.


Once a mobile user has entered their card numbers into their digital wallet, the cards are available for purchases with a limited number of clicks, making the payment process faster and easier than ever.


Value Payment Systems is proud to offer payers the option to pay their income taxes through payUSAtax using digital wallets and will be making them available through numerous other client's sites, including cities, counties, schools, and more!


A simple and convenient no-cost solution for numerous markets ranging from all levels of government to tuition payment for education.

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VPS’ no-cost-to-government payment solutions are used by all levels of government to increase efficiency in revenue collection, exceed constituent expectations, and improve cash flow. Learn More

VPS’ product is a simple, convenient, low-fee, and secure online solution for accepting child support payments. Learn More

VPS offers K-12 schools and higher education a low-cost way to accept credit and debit card payments on their websites that helps them recover the direct costs charged by credit card companies. Learn More

VPS offers public and private utility companies convenient and money-saving payment solutions that reduce the cost of payment collections and improve the customer experience. Learn More

VPS provides property owners and property management companies with robust, cost-effective payment solutions that billpayers find convenient and attractive. Learn More

As VPS grows, it expands with new services for other market segments. Building on our flexible and scalable platform, VPS currently offers payment solutions for the insurance industry and for non-profit entities.


We’re always doing something innovative.


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